Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Ryanair cabin crew in Belgium reject latest offer

Ryanair staff in Belgium are still on schedule for strike action at the end of the month after the most recent offer from the Irish airline has been turned down by unions.

The union representing cabin crew for the low-cost-high-fee airline based in Belgium confirmed on Wednesday that it had turned down the latest offer from the carrier and the strike due to take place on 28th September would go ahead. 

Most Ryanair staff are hired and employed on Irish contracts, rather than in the local countries or regions in which they are based, which has angered many staff. Ryanair had offered Belgium based cabin crew to follow beligian employment laws from March 2020. However, according to union representatives say that around half of the Belgium staff would not benefit from this as they have been employed under contract from another company, Crewlink. 

Speaking to the Reuters news agency, a spokesperson for the CNE union said “It’s a deception on the part of Ryanair,” The offer was an “unacceptable” attempt to divide cabin crew in order to give extra time to avoid strikes in a divide and conquer process that has been effective for the airline in other locations.