Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Delta Air Lines 757 aborts take-off following smokey engine

The crew of a Delta Air Lines Boeing 757 had to abort take-off at the weekend after smoke was spotted pouring out of one of the engines.

The aircraft was operating flight DL1658 from San Francisco to Detroit and had taxied to the runway ready to depart. However, shortly but aborted shortly after. Some of the 229 passengers on the flight took to social media to exclaim concern. However many were complimentary regarding the Delta crew that kept them informed and transferred them to another aircraft.

A Delta spokesperson advised that the "Crew of Delta flight 1658 from San Francisco to Detroit elected to suspend the takeoff out of an abundance of caution due to an indication of an issue with one of the Boeing 757's engines. After the incident, the aircraft returned to the terminal. Passengers were put on another plane shortly after and returned home safely. No one was hurt."