Monday, 10 September 2018

19 dead in Sudan plane crash

South Sudan Plane Crash -   It has been confirmed that nineteen people were killed when a small passenger plane crashed into a lake as it tried to land in thick fog in central South Sudan. 

According to government official Taban Abel Aguek, four people, including two children, survived the crash. Victims include the pilot and co-pilot, a staff member of the Red Cross and an Anglican bishop, he told local media. 

"When it arrived the weather was so foggy and when it tried to land it crashed into Lake Yirol adjacent to Yirol town," Mr Abel Aguek, said. "The whole town is in shock, the shops are closed, some people have taken their relatives for burial. It is a commercial plane that crashed," he added.

The aircraft was carrying 23 people from the capital, Juba, to the city of Yirol on Sunday when the incident happened.  Images appearing on social media seemed to show the tangled wreckage of the aircraft part submerged in water with some locals using canoes helping the rescue effort.