Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Nose wheels missing in Beijing Capital Airlines A320 emergency landing

A Beijing Capital Airlines Airbus A320 with 166 people on board had to make an emergency landing with two wheels missing at Shenzhen airport on Tuesday after the flight deck crew aborted landing at nearby Macau and declared “Mayday”. 

The flight had taken off from Beijing and according to Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) the crew also reported a problem in one of the aircraft's engine. 

Capital Airlines used local social media site Weibo to say that it suspected the flight encountered wind shear whilst attempting to land in Macau with the pilots “concluded that landing gear may have been damaged.”

It said there were 157 passengers and nine crew on board the A320, registration B-6952, was operating flight JD5759 from Beijing to Macau, when the incident occurred around 11:15 local time. and the CACC said five passengers reported physical discomfort during the incident.   

The airport at Shenzhen, shut one of its runways for three hours to accommodate the emergency landing, the airport confirmed on Weibo. Images show plan at a halt with emergency escape chute deployed and no fount wheels, there also appears to be some damage to the left engine.