Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Hi Fly's first A380 customer is Thomas Cook Scandinavia

The first airline to lease Hi Fly's superjumbo Airbus A380 double-decker is.....not one anyone in the aviation industry was suggesting and guessing, it's Thomas Cook! 

The holiday airline is having to charter in the A380 at very short notice to operate a flight from Denmark's Copenhagen Airport to Larnaca in Cyprus for its Scandinavian subsidiary as they had sent the aircraft scheduled for the flight to a different destination to bring home passengers stranded by an IT issue. The A380 will also bring passengers back from Larnaca that had been scheduled to fly into Stockholm's Arlanda airport but is expected to return them to Copenhagen which is more suited to A380 operations. Tomorrow, Thursday the double-decker beauty is scheduled to cover another Thomas Cook Scandinavia flight from Oslo to Palma, Majorca. 

This change of aircraft will be a massive advantage for all of those lucky passengers, who were expecting to fly on an Airbus, but one of the A321 variety, now they will have the luxury of flying in the splendour of a former Singapore Airlines A380. 

“It has been important to find a solution for our customers. We have been bending over backwards to find a plane, the Airbus A380 was the only option. But we do not let the economy decide when it comes to our customers.” A spokesperson for Thomas Cook Scandinavia said.

Hi Fly's A380 positioned to Copenhagen early this morning, arriving at 4.11am