Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Bumpy go-around for Iberia plane.

Photo: Nicolas Larenas
The crew of an Iberia Airbus A340-600 performing flight IB-6453 coming in fast to Quito International Airport had to abandon the landing attempt and instigate a go-around due to strong winds.

The aircraft, registration EC-LEU had come from Madrid on 11th August, was landing on the airport's runway 18 which was experiencing strong gusting winds of some 25knots. The high elevation of the Ecuadorian airport means that aircraft have to land at faster speeds than they would at other airports. The aircraft slams down and to the side and it is then that the crew perform a go-around.  

The aircraft had to hold for around 20 minutes before it repositioned for another approach to runway 18 where it landed some 30 minutes after the first attempt. 

Local media reports that at least one tyre of the main central gear burst during the first landing attempt as well as some other minor damage being sustained and the aircraft is still in Quito.