Tuesday, 3 July 2018

New strike woes for Ryanair - next date for action 12 July 2018

Members of the Irish Airline Pilots' Association working for the low-fare-high-fee airline Ryanair have voted almost unanimously (99%) in favour of strike action.

The pilots for Ryanair are in dispute with the airline over pay, terms and conditions and feel that the carrier, is not taking their demands seriously concerning pay and conditions and issues over seniority and how annual leave is dealt with.

The pilots plan to strike on 12th July for a period of 24 hours and a spokesperson for the Irish Airline Pilots' Association said- "Our member pilots directly employed by Ryanair complain that there is no transparent system for the determination of important matters including voluntary/involuntary base transfer/allocation, command upgrade, allocation of annual leave and promotion."

"When a pilot receives notice of a mandatory base change, or is denied a request for a change of base, such management decisions can have a devastating effect on family life."