Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Kuwait Airways to launch Milan service

Kuwait Airways are all ready to launch a new route to Italy's second most populous city of Milan from 29th October this year.

The airline will operate the route three times a week on Monday's, Thursday's and Saturday's with an Airbus A330-200 aircraft.

The schedule for the new Milan flight will see the A330 depart Kuwait at 0840 to arrive Milan Malpensa at 1240, the return flight departs at 1400 to land back at its home base at 2125. 

Milan is known around the world as one of the globes leading fashion cities,  it is perhaps the Italian leader in terms of fashion, but there is so much more to the city than just the odd frock!   

Some of the best restaurants in Italy can be found in and around Milan's historic city centre, including twenty Michelin starred restaurants. Indeed there are more than sixty eateries with at least one star in greater Milan and the Lombardi region.  Enrico Bartolini al Mudec is a funky arty sort of place, which isn't really surprising as it is at the Mudec museum and apparently worthy of the 2 stars that Michelin have bestowed upon it.  For fans of haute cuisine will delight in the menus of Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia on Via privata Raimondo and another hot venue is the oriental themed Iyo, which blends the tastes of the orient with the fresh ingredients of Italy and according to many deserves more than the one Michelin star it already has.  If your pockets are not as deep, then you will be spoilt for choice as there are hundreds of fine places to dine for all pockets, Bosco Verticale Restaurant Milano,  Tram, Contraste and Ristorante Yazawa Milano are among the best.

The Architecture of the city is quite understandably one of its major attractions, there are so many beautiful, historic buildings that your eyes will never tire of seeing.  Piazza del Duomo is the city centre square that is a good a place as any to explore the city, the cathedral is amazing and La Rinascente is a haven for shopping, with a rooftop terrace. There are loads of shops and places to eat around here, but it can get a bit busy at times,  well most of the time really, but oh so worth it.

La Scala Opera house is also a fine sight and nice to look at even if you're not into that kind of entertainment. Palazzo Marino and Milan’s City Hall are also fine architectural delights and a treat for the eyes, or perfect backdrops for those selfies and holiday snaps. Also if you want to explore the arty, hipster, chilled vibe then close by is the Brera District which is worth visiting. Lots to see and do and enjoy although, some may not like the multitude of street sellers that seem to flock here at certain times. 

Slightly out of the centre and if you have a head for heights, then the Torre Branca is an interesting place to visit. This massive tower dates back to 1933 or so I'm told and is a great place to view the entire city - from the top of course, not the bottom!  Don't worry there is a lift that will take you and its fairly cheap too, just 5 euros, although there is a limit to the number of people who can go up at any one time and time on the terrace is limited, but you'll be able to enjoy the views for sure, weather permitting of course.