Tuesday, 17 July 2018

HNA orders 20 COMAC ARJ21's

The HNA Group and Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd known as COMAC have signed a deal for the airline group to buy 20 of COMAC's ARJ21 aircraft at Farnborough International Air Show and will be used by Urumqi Air. 

These new AJR21's are China's first turbofan regional jet developed in accordance with international airworthiness standards and excels in five major areas according to the manufacturers, including: product adaptability, passenger comfort and cost efficiencies, as well as universality of parts and materials not only across the model suite but also with other commonly built aircraft, all of which help the model meet the operational requirements of taking off and landing at the airports located across the western plateau of China, a region frequently beset by high temperatures, and surmounting obstacles on complex routes, making the aircraft an ideal choice for routes and airports in Western China.