Friday, 20 July 2018

Dutch aviation tax public consultation starts

Flying to or via Amsterdam could become more expensive if the Netherland's government proposal to introduce an aviation tax on passengers, comes to fruition.  A public consultation has been launched according to local media.  

If the government goes ahead with the proposal, from 2021 passengers would have to fork out an additional €3.80 / $4.40 / £3.40  per passenger on European routes and €22.00 / $25.75 / £19.67 per person for those on intercontinental flights.  The government says the new tax would make an average additional €200 million a year, which could be used for various things including the environment. 

Whilst the government is keen for the levy to be introduced, opposition to it is strong from many from the aviation industry.  The Royal Schiphol Group - the company that runs the main airports of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Eindhoven along with the national carrier, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines insist the tax would have a detrimental effect on air traffic as well as the economy in general. The International Air Transport Association, European Regional Airlines Association and Airlines for Europe have all publically expressed opposition to the tax being introduced.