Saturday, 21 July 2018

Did you see the story of the woman planning to sue American Airlines after not being allowed to fly on a free ticket.

One mile at a time site is sharing an incredible rant from a woman who was denied boarding on an American Airlines flight due to her tatty, scruffy jeans and then has a rant on Facebook live for over half an hour about it.  It is quite some watch, ranting and swearing all the time, leaving her crying child who is clearly distressed and embarrassed by her mother's attitude. She's travelling on a free ticket by the way, which makes her outburst and rudeness even more surprising.  See for yourself the story on One Mile at a Time. It is a disgraceful way to behave when travelling on a free or reduced ticket, to be honest, it's not a nice way to behave even if you're on a full fare ticket. In the video rant, she says several times that her daughter is starving and crying, yet she doesn't do anything to comfort her child, nor take her to get some food, despite being only a few metres away from restaurants in the terminal, which some may say is child neglect. Yet, in another video, she's seen and proudly boasts about stealing sodas and snacks!