Friday, 1 June 2018

Staff shake up at Lufthansa to be confirmed by end of August - 3000+ jobs at risk

The giant German airline Lufthansa will announce its mega shake-up of staff before the end of August according to a member of the management board.

Bettina Volkens spoke to WirtschaftsWoche this week, “We are currently talking about that with labour representatives ... Details should be decided on at the end of August,” 

Lufthansa is currently looking to employ new staff with new skills to make itself more adaptable in the modern digital age. In

a move to offer more web-based functions, the company is going to make an offer to more than 3000 older administrative staff to either undergo new training, switch to another lower position or face the sack.

“We are ruling out compulsory redundancies, but not voluntary ones,” Volkens is quoted, however staff in Munich has already been told that there will be redundancies 

“This is not primarily about IT skills but about a cultural shift. Analytical and social competencies, such as the ability to work in virtual, international teams or to deal with complexity and agility, are at the foreground for me,” Bettina Volkens said.