Sunday, 24 June 2018

KLM helps seven-year-old surprise his great-grandfather Nol Neuhaus

Arnold Neuhaus (Grandpa Nol) recently turned 90. 
His great-grandson, Jagger, teamed up with KLM
 to surprise Arnold with the flight of a lifetime.

Little Nol took part in a KLM contest in 1935 and won an airborne excursion over Amsterdam. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to collect and enjoy his prize at the time due to a sister who was ill. 83 years later, his seven-year-old great-grandson and KLM arranged the airborne excursion for the ninetieth birthday of grandpa Nol.

In this video, Arnold’s great-grandson, accompanied by two KLM stewardesses, comes to pick “Grandpa Nol” up for an unforgettable flight, making a dream come true after 83 years!