Saturday, 30 June 2018

Houston to Guatemala City for Spirit

The ultra low-cost US carrier Spirit Airlines announced earlier this week a new international air service from Houston to Guatemala City, from September 2018.

The airline is planning to fly the route three times a week initially from September this year, increasing to four times a week from November with the possibility of a daily service if demand dictates it from next year. 

The proposed schedule -
Houston – Guatemala City 
NK328    IAH      1125 – 1328   GUA
NK383   GUA     1405 – 1803   IAH

Guatemala City often gets mixed reviews from international travellers, some think it is big, dirty, dangerous and best avoided at all costs, others with a little more adventure in their souls rather think it is big, brash, exciting and utterly beguiling. 

Yes, in previous years it may have lived up to that 'dangerous' reputation with lots of crime, no-go areas, particularly downtown where even the locals feared to tread. However, things have changed somewhat and now there are even pedestrianised areas downtown that are fun and lively, with bars, restaurants and cafes. 

There are a number of museums and other tourists attractions that are well worth a visit, including Palacio Nacional de la Cultura, Museo Miraflores, Museo Nacional de Arqueología y Etnología, Museo Ixchel, Catedral Metropolitana, Museo Nacional de Arte Moderno and a really big map! 

Eating out in Guatemala City is surprisingly good, there are restaurants and cafes galore, with prices to suit all budgets and tastes. Without looking too hard you'll find restaurants that specialise in a wide variety of cuisine including,  steakhouses, Indians, Chinese, Italian, Asian, Ecuadorian and more besides.  For Chinese, Casa Cantonesa comes highly recommended and is reasonably priced, so a meal there need not be just for a special occasion. Kacao is good for a taste of local dishes including a seafood and coconut soup that tastes like a mouthful of heaven. 

Shopping is also a rather fun experience here, if you like a little haggling and back and fro conversations, the only trouble is finding enough room in your luggage to put all the souvenirs, trinkets and clothing and rugs. Mercado de Artesanías is one of those markets where you can find some great items, once it was a quite gentle place, but as more and more tourists arrive, it is becoming a little busier, but still a fun visit.