Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Etihad and Qatar Airways mulling over cancelling 777x orders - will Singapore follow............

The order book for Boeing's 777x may be about to get significantly lighter in the coming months as a number of airlines are looking to either cancel their orders or switch to another model.

The news agency Reuters recently reported that Etihad Airways was exploring options with the US manufacturer to defer or completely cancel its multi-billion dollar order for the 777x jets.  The carriers management team has indicated that it no longer needs or wants the 25 777x it ordered following a review of the company and pasting massive losses last year.

Industry insiders in the Gulf region have also been told from airline staff that Qatar Airways is also looking to jettison its order for the newer versions of the triple seven craft.  The twinjet no longer 'fits' with plans the Doha based airline has for the 2020's and beyond, especially if the airline may be forced to get another capital investment from its shareholder - the Qatari government. 

It is also understood that Singapore Airlines is currently looking at switching its order for the 777 to the Dreamliner variety of aircraft, as it starts to rebrand offshoot Scoot to Singapore Airlines, however, this has neither been confirmed or denied by the carrier.