Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Encore Jets Launches SummerJet: The First Ever Private Jet Shuttle Flights Between Ibiza and Mykonos

Encore Jets, a leading full-service private aviation company, announced today it is launching SummerJet, a trans-Mediterranean private jet shuttle this summer, offering single-seat private travel between Ibiza and Mykonos from Thursday, July 12th.

For the first time in aviation history, travellers seeking a seamless, luxury, non-stop flight across the Mediterranean between these two summer hotspots now can reserve seats on scheduled flights.

The news is sure to boost local tourism, as commercial airlines have never offered nonstop flights between Mykonos and Ibiza. The shortest route is currently two legs and just under six hours, with many having to endure ten hours of travel time or more. SummerJet is timed at just under three hours each way, and tickets are priced at €2,150 one-way. Helicopter transfers to Athens and Santorini from Mykonos will also be available for an additional charge.

All flights will be on a Mid-Size Citation XLS or a Large Cabin Challenger 604, depending on the calendar date. The first flight will fly out from Ibiza to Mykonos on Thursday, July 12th.

Reservations for the SummerJet private jet shuttle service can be made through the mobile landing page, http://www.encorejets.com/summerjet

Skip the numerous layovers and delays of commercial flights, and island hop in luxury this summer by flying this summer's best experience, Encore Jets' SummerJet.

Encore Jets was born out of a vision to provide private jet fliers with a better solution for their flying needs.

In a world of unreliable service, rigid fractional ownership models and over-promising jet cards, fliers were wanting more from the private jet industry- more reliability, more flexibility and more transparency. It was these needs that inspired Encore Jets to orchestrate a solution that no other jet provider was willing to offer.

Powered by cutting-edge technology, the most luxurious private jet experience ever offered is now available. With 100% attention to detail and complete flexibility for every trip, a 24/7 dedicated account manager and access to over 5000 aircraft in our approved charter fleet, Encore Jets is like no other jet provider.

Welcome to the new frontier in private aviation: luxury, excellence, and flexibility. Ask more from your private jet provider.