Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Cyprus Airways start flights to Verona, Zurich and Prague as well as getting a second Airbus A319

The celebrations are continuing for Cyprus Airways, not only did they take delivery of its second Airbus A319 just over two weeks ago, they also operated inaugural flights to three major destinations Verona, Zurich and Prague a week or so ago.

The new fuel-efficient Airbus A319 has already been integrated into the airline's summer flight programme. Natalia Popova, Chief Commercial Officer of Cyprus Airways said the following upon the arrival of the jet, “We are very excited to welcome this new addition to our family. Today’s delivery is a testament to Cyprus Airways’ commitment to continued expansion”. The A319's have a configuration of 144 seats, will operate flights to company’s network in Europe and the Middle East and will 

The airline operated the inaugural flights from Larnaca to Verona, Zurich and Prague recently and in typical new service style, all three destination airports welcomed the Cyprus Airways Airbus A319 aircraft with the ceremonial water cannon salute. The lucky passengers flying from these airports were welcomed at the gate with an aperitif and a small gift.

“We are excited to introduce Verona, Zurich and Prague to our network. We are confident that these new routes will be a popular choice for Cypriot travellers, while at the same time they will contribute to the increase of tourists from Italy, Switzerland and Czech Republic visiting Cyprus”, stated Natalia Popova said.

Flights from Larnaca to Verona operate every Wednesday and Sunday, to Zurich every Tuesday and Saturday and to Prague every Monday and Friday.

Return ticket fares from Larnaca to Verona start from €137, including all taxes and surcharges. Cyprus Airways has a special offer for passengers who will book and travel from Larnaca to Verona in June, from €89 (return ticket), including all taxes and surcharges. Return fares from Larnaca to Zurich start from €175 and to Prague from €160.