Monday, 11 June 2018

Bomb threat forces United Airlines flight to divert

A United Airlines flight has been forced to divert today due to what is being called a 'security concern' by officials but is understood to be a specific bomb threat.

Police say United flight UA971 from Rome to Chicago made an emergency diversion and landed safely at Ireland's Shannon airport after the ‘discovery of a message’

Unconfirmed reports say that a cabin crew member discovered a bomb warning written in the toilet, which triggered the emergency response. The flight crew elected to divert the Boeing 767 aircraft to Shannon, where the aircraft was met by the airports emergency units.

The flight landed at approximately 1.42pm local time and we're told that the passengers were allowed to disembark some 40 or so minutes later. Passengers are now being investigated with local police taking writing samples from all those on board.

A spokesman said: “United flight UA971 en route to Chicago from Rome, diverted to Shannon following a potential security concern.

We are told that there are additional security screenings taking place in Shannon of the aircraft, passengers, their luggage and the cargo onboard before the aircraft will be allowed to continue to Chicago.

United told the media that because it was a security issue, they would not be furnishing us with more details.