Monday, 30 April 2018

Lion Air 737 runway excursion

There was a lucky escape for the 181 passengers and crew of Lion Air Boeing 737-800 PK-LOO which came skidding off the runway and embedded itself in the grass verge.

The incident happened on Sunday and whilst there were no reported injuries due to the runway excursion, some people suffered minor abrasions from the following emergency evacuation. Two people were later taken to hospital for evaluation. 

The aircraft, operating flight JT892 from Makassar to Gorontalo in Indonesia when it skidded off the skidded off the runway shortly after touch down at approximately 6.35 in the evening local time.  According to local media, the airport management said that whilst it was raining at the time, the visibility was far in excess of that which is legally required.  

The airport was closed for some 16 hours following the incident, which snapped the aircraft's nose gear and severely damaged other parts of the frame and engines. It is also being reported locally that the damage is of such a state that it is beyond economic repair, although this has yet to be confirmed.

Lion Air issued a statement of explanation on this incident via its social media without apology. 

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