Monday, 19 March 2018

Take A Chance or fly Air France.

Air France have launched a new advertising campaign attacking other airlines this week "Take a Chance or Fly Air France" they proudly say in the campaign, which is supposed to promote the Air France flights that include in-flight entertainment, warm meals, and champagne.

The campaign seeks to remind travellers that these amenities are critical to an enjoyable flight and takes a shot at the budget and low-cost carriers that don't include meals or entertainment. 

"Take a Chance & Fly Air France"

"At Air France, we believe that each flight should be a pleasant precursor to your travels and that no matter which cabin you fly in, all passengers have a right to a great meal, entertainment, and—for those of age—champagne," said Stephane Ormand, Vice President & General Manager USA of Air France. "Low-cost carrier fares can be deceptive because they charge substantial fees for basic services at every step along the journey. At the end of the day, the cost of an Air France Economy ticket, with all its included luxuries, is competitive."

We selected and outbound (04 April) and return date (09 April) at random for a trip from London to Paris to check the cost of flights.

Air France ex LHR £177.90

Pre-Seat selection fees €10 - €30  Hold luggage - included

EasyJet ex LGW £95.97
Pre-Seat selection fees £3.49 - £16.99    Hold luggage £29.99

Vueling ex LGW  €109.98

Pre-Seat selection fees €2.99 - €16.99    Hold luggage €24

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