Thursday, 15 March 2018

Ryanair to offer direct contracts to German pilots soon.

The Irish low-cost high-fee airline, Ryanair is about to offer direct employment contracts to German pilots within the next few weeks it said.

The contracts will be offered to all the German pilots currently hired on contracts via third party agencies such as McGinley Aviation. 

“McGinley Aviation have decided to withdraw from supplying contractor pilots for Ryanair in the German market, and Ryanair has now begun the process of offering these contractors direct employment,” A Ryanair spokesperson offered.  There are current vacancies listed on the McGinley website for positions with Ryanair in Germany. 

Ryanair is hoping that the direct contracts will ease the current discord between the company and the flight crews in the country, which are, according to one first officer "Extremely strained" at the moment.

According to local media, the Vereinigung Cockpit union said it would first have to see the terms of the new direct contracts before commenting.  

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