Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Ramp up in Airbus China production

European aircraft manufacturing giant, Airbus has announced details of a deal to increase the number of aircraft it makes in China during a state visit by French President Emmanuel Macron.  During his three-day visit, Mr Macron said both France and China must open up to doing business with each other, saying "access to markets which is unbalanced [and] unsatisfying"

Airbus says it plans to produce six of its A320 jets each month by 2020 at the final assembly plant the company has near Beijing.  As part of the agreement, Airbus said it will "enhance its industrial partnership in Tianjin" which is one of four global facilities that assemble the whole family range of A320 craft.

Airbus said it hopes to "strengthen the cooperation with regards to technical innovation, engineering capabilities and supply chain expansion".

The manufacturer currently only produces four aircraft each month in China, this will increase to five by the end of 2019 and then cranking up to six jets by early 2020.

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