Monday, 15 January 2018

Norwegian to end flights from Edinburgh

It is being reported that long-haul low-cost airline, Norwegian Airlines will be ending its service from Edinburgh, Scotland to Bradley Airport in Connecticut, according to the Connecticut Airport's Authority.  

The airports executive director Kevin A Dillon cites the UK's Air Passenger Duty as mainly to blame for the end of the service, as it has had "a debilitating effect on Norwegian’s business model," 

"Indeed, Norwegian's decision to discontinue the Bradley route has not been made in isolation. Bradley is not the only airport with Norwegian service to Edinburgh that is being impacted by these dynamics," Dillon said.

"We knew from the start that the lack of connecting options at Edinburgh Airport would make the Norwegian service a challenge to maintain. However, we were pleased to see that Norwegian’s performance was in line with expectations for a new airline entrant starting operations at Bradley. This, unfortunately, was not enough to mitigate the financial pressure that the airline has experienced on the UK side," Bemoanded Dillon.

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