Tuesday, 2 January 2018

4 People sent to hospital after toxic odour on American Airlines aircraft.

An unusual 'mechanical issue' forced an American Airlines flight scheduled to depart Boston for Charlotte, to return to the departure gate on Monday after reports of an odd toxic odour on-board.  The smell was so bad that it caused four people - three crew members and a passenger - to be sent to the hospital.  

American Airlines says the aircraft had turned around and returned to the terminal due to to a mechanical issue, although at this stage it is unclear what the issue was or if it contributed to the mysterious odour.

Whilst the four people were taken to local hospitals the other passengers deplaned and were taken to Charlotte on a different aircraft a few hours later. The original aircraft was inspected and returned to service later in the day.

American issued a statement "American Airlines Flight 1719 from Boston to Charlotte returned to the gate prior to departure on Jan. 1 because of a possible mechanical issue,"

The statement goes on to say "There were reports of an odor onboard and the captain elected to return to the gate.  The aircraft was taken out of service and the flight departed for Charlotte later in the day with a replacement aircraft. Three flight attendants and one passenger requested medical attention at Boston Logan and were transported to a local hospital to be evaluated. All were later released,"

The airline has remained silent on possible causes for the odour or irritation caused to some of those on the aircraft. 

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