Wednesday, 13 December 2017

The BIZclass is coming for Eurowings

Eurowings will be the first low-cost airline to offer a business class on selected long-haul flights at the beginning of the summer timetable 2018. 

The budget airlines has called its new premier offering BIZclass to represent a more modern and less stuffy image of the tradition 'business class' mantle. The airline will premiere its BIZclass poduct at the world's largest ITB travel fair in early March 2018 in Berlin. 

The airline in indicates the cabin and product will be introduced on flights some time during April 2018, the exact date still hasn't been finalised. 

On Tuesday 12th December Eurowings published a first photo of their new BIZclass via social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. The announcement and photo was designed to be a sweet teaser to customers and indicate what they can look forward to on the carriers long-haul flights next year. 

Eurowings says BIZclass will offer seats with more legroom, more service and, of course, the seat itself is larger and more comfortable. The new BIZclass seat can be fully automatically transformed into a bed of about two meters in length allowing passengers to get a "full flat" bed at the touch of a button in just moments, perfect for relaxing during a long flight. 

The new BIZclass product will also feature special catering and some other new services. "We are currently fine-tuning and have some great surprises in store," says Eurowings CEO and Chief Commercial Officer Oliver Wagner. "They will be presented for the first time in March 2018 at the ITB."

Low Cost and BIZclass - that's not a contradiction for Eurowings. "We see strong demand for another top product from our company on routes with higher business travel, for example on US flights from Dusseldorf to New York, Miami or Fort Myers," says Wagner. It goes without saying that the price must be right for the customer. Wagner: "We will go to the BIZclass race with the usual low-priced Eurowings tickets."

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