Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Revamp for Finnair's business class

In conjunction with its annual Press Day, Finnair has today announced the launch of a new business class service concept and new Marimekko design elements for both cabin classes, celebrating its Nordic roots and offering customers a unique Nordic customer experience.  

Inspired by pure essentials, Nordic design and meaningful encounters, Finnair’s new service concept will offer a wider range of dining and wine options, served on-demand and at a customer’s preferred time, just as if you were in a restaurant.  

“More than ever, our Business Class customers enjoy the opportunity to customize their travel and dining experience,” says Piia Karhu, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience at Finnair. “Our objective is to create an unspoken bond with our guests, every time they fly. We have dedicated cabin crew personnel for business class passengers, providing a more individual service, with the aim of setting new standards for comfort and overall well-being onboard Finnair flights.  

As part of its new concept, Finnair is also introducing the classic Finnish tradition “Kahvikutsut”  - a coffee serving with seven different treats - for long-haul flights departing Asia in the morning. This exclusive coffee service allows customers to spend quality time enjoying traditional Finnish treats like Carelian pies, cinnamon buns, coffee cake and traditional Finnish chocolates between the two meal services.  

Finnair’s new business class service concept will commence as of February 7, 2018, on flights to Seoul, Tokyo and Shanghai, with a gradual roll-out of the remaining long-haul destinations during the spring and summer.   

Renewed textiles and Marimekko patterns for both classes 

Finnair will also bring the feeling of the Nordics to the cabin interior of Finnair A350 aircraft with new cabin textiles and amenities, including new simple and stylish seat covers, and pillows, blankets and chinaware with prints from the iconic Finnish design house Marimekko.  

“With Nordic-inspired design throughout the entire cabin, our aim is for our guests to be treated to a travel experience that soothes the senses and clears the mind,” says David Kondo, Head of Cabin Interior Development at Finnair. “Our new seat textiles and comfort amenities have a fresh and modern aesthetic that is inspired by Nordic homes and landscapes. ”The new interior elements are rolled out to Finnair’s Airbus A350 aircraft in phases during 2018. 

Food is one of the items that frequently comes up in airline customer satisfaction surveys, especially on long-haul flights, where food has a strong impact on the overall customer experience. Finnair is investing into its food offering, as a part its drive to offer customers a unique Nordic experience. 

Finnair introduces its first Swedish signature chef

Finnair has been delighting its business class customers with signature menus designed by top Finnish chefs since 2013, and is now introducing its first ever Nordic cooperation with Swedish top chef Tommy Myllymäki. Tommy Myllymäki has been nominated chef of the year in Sweden, is the creative director for five Stockholm restaurants and has represented Sweden with great success in the prestigious Bocuse d’Or competition. 

Tommy Myllymäki will design Signature menus for Finnair’s business class, and his winter menu will be served on all Finnair long-haul flights departing from Helsinki as of February 7. 

“It was exciting to translate my food philosophy into the airline environment. In the end, the restrictions are also opportunities,” says Tommy Myllymäki. “Seasonality is key for me, and I want to bring more vegetables, freshness and different textures to the meals on board.” 

Tommy Myllymäki’s winter menu for Finnair features Nordic flavours like Jerusalem artichoke with cep mushrooms and pear, and braised ox with celeriac and kale. The summer menu will have more emphasis on seasonal, crisp fresh vegetables to celebrate the freshness of the Nordic summer. 

Economy class menu designed by the Culinary Team of Finland

Finnair has also teamed up with the Culinary Team of Finland, who represent Finland in international culinary competitions. The team designed a menu for the economy class of Finnair’s long-haul flights departing from Helsinki. 

“We want to showcase the best of Finnish cuisine to the world, and created a menu that celebrates Finnish traditions and specialties, so that everyone traveling between Europe and Asia with Finnair get a taste of modern Finnish cuisine,” says Eero Vottonen, member of the Culinary Team of Finland and a Finnair signature menu chef in 2017. 

The culinary team’s winter menu will be offered for economy class passengers on long-haul flights departing from Helsinki as of February 7, 2018. The meals will feature a marinated potato salad, lamb with oven baked turnips, and a cheese curd cake. The winter menu will be followed by seasonal menus for summer and autumn.

“Our new chef cooperations bring the best of Nordic flavours to our customers,” says Maarit Keränen, who oversees Finnair’s on-board food concepts. “Food plays a key role in the customer experience, and we are delighted to offer a little piece of the Nordics to the thousands of customers, who fly with us everyday from Helsinki to Asia and the Americas.” 

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