Thursday, 14 December 2017

Flair Airlines Removes Carry-on Fees

Flair Airlines, the airline that is reinventing domestic air travel in Canada, announced it will no longer charge passengers for carry-on luggage.  The removal of charges took effect 1st December 2017 for anyone booking their flights in December; Flair will remove the $30 carry-on baggage fee.

"We have listened very closely to the input from our passengers," said Chris Lapointe, Vice President Commercial Operations. "Removing the carry-on baggage fee is something that we are excited to do as an airline.  We know how important this is to the travelling public in Canada."

Flair Airlines allows for one small personal item, and now one carry-on bag per person free of charge.  Standard luggage sizes apply.  Passengers will be required to pay for other checked bags.  "We want our passengers to have a positive experience with us, and if that requires us removing this fee, then we are delighted to respond," stated Lapointe.

Flair Airlines has recently started distributing their content via Amadeus GDS – which is the largest travel and tourism industry technology provider in the world.  Distribution of its content will offer opportunities to tens of thousands of travel agencies across the world to use Flair Airlines services. Reservations booked in Amadeus GDS can be issued via BSP-Canada and ARC- USA while in secondary markets around the world Flair Airlines tickets can be issued via Hahn Airlines (HR-169) interline.

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