Friday, 1 December 2017

Crying Thomas Cook Cabin Crew Tell Passengers They Are Lucky To Be Alive.

Photo from Mr Swan a passenger on the flight
Passengers on a Thomas Cook flight from Holguin in Cuba to Manchester were left trembling and frightened for their lives when the aircraft they were on developed an engine problem at take off.

The flight MT2653 had been scheduled to depart on Monday 27th November but had to abort its take off after flames were seen coming from the engine at the point of rotation following a loud bang from the power plant.  

One of the passengers on the aircraft said he could see flames through the window on the right-hand side.  “It was evident there had been some sort of explosion,” he said. The nose gear was already off the ground, “The pilot dropped the plane straight back down and applied the brakes so everybody was thrown forward and then back, and the plane skidded for some distance.” 

Mr Swan, the passenger then told media that the pilot then announced over the intercom that it was an emergency situation to the crew. "As he came back on you could hear that he was verbally shaken to the point where his voice cracked and he sounded like he was going to burst into tears. At that point, I realised it was very serious.”  He says the cabin crew were “visibly shaken” so much so that "One was actually crying,” adding  “That doesn’t fill you with a lot of confidence. I could hear crew saying to passengers that it was really serious and we were lucky to still be alive.”

"That's shocking behaviour, cabin crew are meant to remain cool, calm and collected in emergency and serious situations." A cabin crew training manager based at Gatwick told us. Adding, "A crying crew member would not be much use in an evacuation and could actually hinder passengers ability to vacate the aircraft. It's totally unprofessional." Not being able to trust that cabin crew are able to do their duty in emergency situations is a very worrying issue for passengers of an airline. 

Things deteriorated rapidly for the passengers of flight MT2653, they were forced to remain on the aircraft for nearly four hours while the engine was checked. Without power, there was no air conditioning working in the cabin and passengers were only given one small cup of water. 

Later in the lengthy delay passengers were given breakfast packs, when asked if hot food would be given out the crew said no, as it would only make the aircraft hotter. However, economy passengers later found out that hot food had been given out to those passengers in the premium cabin.  It also appears that the premium passengers were allowed to deplane the aircraft an hour before the remaining passengers in the economy section. 

Passengers were taken to a hotel as another aircraft was flown to Cuba and took them home to Manchester two days later. The airline advises people contact their travel insurance companies for delayed departure compensation.  

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