Thursday, 28 December 2017

Asiana Airlines Welcomes Another Airbus A350

Asiana Airlines welcomed its latest Airbus A350 aircraft to its fleet today.   The Asiana Airlines’ A350-900 is an eco-friendly Medium-Large size aircraft with 300 seats launched by Airbus in 2014.

A350-900 features the newest Rolls-Royce trend XWB engine and streamlined wings, surpassing B777 with 25% higher fuel efficiency and 25% less carbon dioxide emission.

Also, it will bring a more enjoyable in-flight experience with less in-flight noise, full-LED lights and air circulation system operating every 2~3 minutes.

And here's a view a passenger would never normally get to see - the crew rest area or 'bunk' that flight and cabin crew use during those long flights.