Friday, 3 November 2017

CommutAir Pay First Offices Pilots Pay

 CommutAir, a United Express carrier, reached an agreement with the Air Line Pilots Association to pay its First Officers at Captain scale pay rates one year after their completion of initial training.  Under the agreement, CommutAir will also begin paying quarterly retention bonuses to its Captains.

"Most pilots join us not just for our pay and sign-on bonus, but because our growth story conveys a rapid upgrade to PIC," said Joel Raymond, Chief Operating Officer. "At CommutAir, we have enough confidence in our growth plan to guarantee Captain pay after one year of initial training."

"After United's 40% investment, CommutAir has embarked on a plan to triple in size to 61 aircraft and hire almost 4 times the number of pilots that were on our roster in 2016.  Add to that the pilots leaving under the best United Career Path Program (CPP), and signing up for 'Captain Pay for First Officers' was easy," said Subodh Karnik, President & CEO.

In addition to the 'Captain Pay for First Officers' program, the Company and ALPA also agreed to provide Captains with bonus payments through the current Collective Bargaining Agreement.  "CommutAir's success depends on the collective contributions of our Captains and First Officers.  And Captains will be rewarded through the bonus program while they complete the CPP requirements and take their career to the next level!"  said Captain David Fitzgerald, Chief Pilot.

Through 2019, CommutAir will triple in size to an all-jet fleet of 61 aircraft and actively hire in all areas. CommutAir's industry-leading Pilot benefits include:

Fastest United Airlines Career Path Program (CPP)
$22,100 sign-on bonus with paid ATP-CTP
Captain Pay for First Officer program
Retention Bonuses for Captains
Rapid upgrades
Top-Tier pay and benefits – including the industry's first and best Commuter policy

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