Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Ryanair Steal Bellew Back

Malaysian Airlines bosses were left stunned and speechless when Peter Bellew announced he was quitting the company as CEO just a week after he gave firm commitments to stay at the airline.

Malaysia Airlines confirmed that they had believed Bellew and trusted him when he pledged his commitment in a press conference on 27th September, when he was asked about the rumours of his imminent departure back to Ireland “He said that he was happy to be in Malaysia and that the turnaround of Malaysia Airlines would be ‘the greatest achievement of my life"

Malaysian Airlines will now, according to a statement, arrange a board meeting of the directors to discuss the matter and release a statement in due course. “Our operations and services continue as normal and our commitment and priority are our customers.  The turnaround of Malaysia Airlines remains on track and on schedule as per the MAS Recovery Plan,” the statement advised. Legal action against Bellew has not been ruled out.

Peter Bellew will now join Ryanair as Chief Operations Officer and have responsibility for all of Ryanair's flight operations, with a particular attention on pilot holidays, contracts and relations. He said “I am excited to return home to Ryanair and take up the challenge to grow the operation sustainably.  I look forward to working with all the team and all the crews I know so well to further develop our growth to 600 aircraft over the next 6 years.”

The Irish airlines boss, Michael O'Leary said “We are pleased to welcome Peter back to Ryanair. Having worked previously in a senior role in our Operations team, Peter has an unrivalled knowledge of our business model and how we maintain controlled growth, with industry leading punctuality, for the benefit of our customers and our people. Peter will lead a significant transformation in the way we reward and interact with our pilots, improve their working environment and career development over the coming years as we grow the fleet to some 600 aircraft and expand our traffic, at lower fares, to 200m customers p.a.”

Whilst details of Bellew's salary and benefits have not been released, staff at the Dublin HQ are reported to be incensed at the 'exorbitantly high' package Bellew is taking from the airline for his new role. "You could almost buy a Boeing for what he's gettin'" one staff member told us, risking their job in doing so. The airline warned some staff at the headquarters as well as various bases again last week that talking to the media was a sackable offence.

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