Monday, 9 October 2017

KLM Seeking to shame low cost airline passengers

KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines have launched a virtual reality platform called KLM's Flight Upgrader to be used with a cardboard virtual reality headset in which passengers put their smartphones in to.

They are, they claim, expanding KLM's passenger our care to all flights – even budget ones! With this virtual reality platform, you can supposedly enjoy "top-notch free entertainment, tasty food, and chat with our caring flight attendants."

The Dutch carrier says handed out the headsets to budget airlines passengers at an airport and filmed it to show them what they're missing, or rather shaming them for choosing a lower priced airline than KLM.  In the video of the launch, the airline representative insults passengers choices by saying bad call and being generally dismissive of their right to make a free choice.

Read on to see the video - 

KLM's video says you shouldn't have to pay for entertainment and you shouldn't have to pay for food, cleverly they don't mention paying for your seat selection, which is a charge the KLM also make you do.   The app is designed to show passengers the difference between a budget airline and KLM, of course, you get more for free on KLM, but is it really for free?  Well, not really, we tried the London Amsterdam route for various dates between now and the end of December, return flight only, just cabin baggage and no seat selection and found that budget carriers were cheaper by around £30 each time than KLM.  

So sure you could use your phone, the KLM flight upgrader and a virtual reality headset to see what you could be missing on your next budget flight, but with the money you'll be saving,  you'll be able to buy a proper VR headset!

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