Thursday, 21 September 2017

SKYCOP Sets out to Educate Airlines With Distribution of Special Book

To mark International Literacy Day earlier this month, SKYCOP, an online site focused on helping increase awareness around passenger rights, has prepared and distributed specially designed texts to airlines, outlining customer compensation procedures.  

More than 10 airlines across the EU have received printed books containing oversized texts of the EU 261 regulation, which defines the process of compensation, as well as carrier's obligations in the event of a flight delay, cancellation or overbooking. The initiative comes after in excess of 8 million passengers worldwide have seen their right to compensation denied by airlines refusing the disruption caused.

"Reading is understanding, and yet there are still high-profile successful businesses that willingly choose to be illiterate and oblivious to the needs of hundreds and thousands of passengers every single day," SKYCOP CEO Marius Stonkus explains.

"Even with carefully outlined EU 261 regulation, airlines in the European Union owe more than €3 billion to passengers each year, clearly indicating that they have some issues with the basics of reading. With passenger numbers expected to rise to over 7 billion in the next five years, the carrier's debt to unlucky travellers could grow to a mind-boggling €9 billion."

Stonkus continues: "Every time the flight gets delayed or cancelled it's the same story - airlines saying they don't know and that their customers are not entitled to anything. Aviation is a pretty tight community, thus we want everyone in our circle to be on the same page.

"Since literacy is one of the key goals of the UN's long-term development plans, we would like to make it one of the essential goals in the development of a passenger-airline relationship."