Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Mumbai Airport Closed Due to SpiceJet Overrun

Mumbai Airport closed on Tuesday 19th September after heavy rains caused a SpiceJet Boeing 737-800 to overshoot the main runway on landing.

The SpiceJet flight SG703 coming in from Varanasi is believed to have aquaplaned on the wet tarmac and got stuck in the mud causing an evacuation of the aircraft and the closure of the airport.  

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The incident occurred on Tuesday evening around 10pm and there were 183 passengers onboard the flight at the time, all escaped via the emergency chutes. There were no reports of any injuries and SpiceJet have confirmed the airport is closed until at least 5am tomorrow as efforts continue to move the stricken aircraft. "During landing, the aircraft overshot the runway and skidded off into the unpaved surface due to wet conditions caused by heavy rains. All passengers deplaned safely and were taken to the arrival hall," a statement from SpiceJet advise.

A number of arriving flights had to be diverted to other airports and departing flights have been suspended stranding many people.  However some hours later the secondary runway opened to traffic again and airlines began rescheduling flights.

Whilst SpiceJet and other airlines are looking after their passengers, staff at IndiGo are being accused of inappropriate behaviour towards passengers and refusing to help them. Many people are venting their frustrations via social media and using the platforms to search for information which seems in short supply at the crowded airport. 

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