Saturday, 9 September 2017

Emirates Want Airbus Assurances

The Dubai based airline Emirates is demanding assurances from the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus over the future of the A380-800 programme, before it commits to buying any m ore aircraft.

Speculation in the media indicates that Airbus is heavily reliant on Emirates putting in an order for at least twenty of the super jumbo aircraft to keep the production line open and operational.  The announcement had been scheduled to occur at next months Dubai air show and any less than twenty aircraft would force Airbus to slow production of the double decker to less than ten a year. 

Tim Clark, the president of Emirates is concerned over the future availability of the aircraft and their resale value.  “I know they would like us to do something, At the moment, we are not at that state of readiness. We need copper-bottomed undertakings that they would do everything they needed to do to keep the program going. We don’t want to be left with aircraft that have no value.”

Airbus need to work hard on keeping their biggest customer for the A380 happy,  the airline already has 95 of the jets with an additional 46 on order. However, Airbus is having doubts about the financial viability of continuing with the A380 programme at all. 

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