Monday, 4 September 2017

EasyJet Flight Delayed Due To Scorpion

There are many reasons for flights to be delayed, bad weather, air traffic control strikes, aircraft malfunctions are perhaps the three most common causes. Of course, delays can be caused by other things as well, but not usually because of a passenger that has a real sting in the tail.  However, that's what has happened today with an Easyjet flight that is facing an overnight delay because the aircraft needs to be fumigated after a scorpion was spotted on board. 

The flight was scheduled to leave Paris this afternoon and head for Glasgow, however, the schedule had to change after a passenger said that she had spotted a scorpion running inside the aircraft, up and down the seats. 

A vast number of passengers were in the departure gate ready to when a cleaner relayed her story.   One passenger told local media  "We were about to board, and as we were at the bottom of the gate a cleaner came out and said she saw a scorpion run up the inside of the plane, over the seats and back down again.

"We were meant to board at 2pm, and this was about five minutes before, and now there's been a delay."

"They're being quiet about it now, but as we were passing a guy who was taking boarding passes I heard him say there was a scorpion."

"There were two girls who work for Air Canada too, and they were saying they'd heard it was a scorpion.

A spokesperson for the airline said: "EasyJet can confirm that a passenger reported to crew that a scorpion was onboard flight EZY6883 from Glasgow to Paris, Charles de Gaulle.

"The safety and comfort of our passengers and crew is always our highest priority so, as a precaution, the aircraft will be fumigated before its next flight, EZY6884 to Glasgow, which is delayed overnight as a result.

At this stage, it is uncertain how or where the stowaway got into the aircraft, or whether it had to pay for preassigned seating or hold luggage! 

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