Thursday, 10 August 2017

You Must Cover Up To Fly Saudia

The national carrier of Saudi Arabia has issued a very strict dress code for passengers who want to fly on one of their aircraft.  If passengers deviate from the new demanding  new rules Saudia Airlines will deny them boarding.  

On the new code of conduct for passengers on their website, Saudia tells travellers not to be “clothed in a manner that would cause discomfort or offence to other passengers. Women exposing legs or arms, or wearing too thin or too tight clothes and men wearing shorts exposing legs."

The airline already demands customers adhere to the rules and laws of the Kingdom including the zero consumption or importation of alcohol which is illegal in the gulf nation As Saudi Arabia is one of the few Muslim majority countries that imposes a dress code by law - all women, both foreign visitors and local residents, must wear an abaya (a long loose garment that covers their clothes) in public places. Many see the new rules for passengers on the national carrier are just an extension of those laws. 

Jason Shaw

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