Wednesday, 30 August 2017

The Cost of Harvey

Experts and analysts in the US aviation world have been crunching the numbers and estimate the cost of Harvey, the hurricane / tropical storm and subsequent floods for United is somewhere north of $265 million.  United is particularly affected as Houston is one of the airlines major hubs, account for approximately 17%percent of United's capacity. 

United hasn't issued any warnings to its investors and backers regarding the storms negative effect on the company and its bottom line, "Our focus right now is on resuming operations out of Houston and helping our customers and employees," said a United spokesperson. 

Other airlines expected to suffer financially include Southwest Airlines who according to the bean counters, could lose as much as $77 million. And the low low mellow yellow of the US aviation world, Spirit could be facing losses of $12 million, thanks to Harvey.  

These estimated losses could rise even higher as the weather continues to be unpredictable and flood waters remain high. 

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