Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Southend Airport Fire

Firefighters were called to a major incident at London Southend Airport this morning that caused alarm among local residents.  Plumes of dark smoke could be seen from miles around the airport and some fearing a crash or explosion.

When firefighters arrived at the scene they found a large hangar, which is used to paint aircraft, was well alight. Six fire engines were requested to help tackle the fire. Luckily the hangar did not have any aeroplanes inside at the time of the fire.

Southend Airport remained open during the fire - "Essex County Fire and Rescue Service is currently dealing with an incident at the Air Livery hanger on the north side of the airfield. London Southend Airport is still open and operating as normal". They said in a statement.

By 1240 the firefighters have almost completely extinguished the fire. Firefighters are using thermal imaging cameras to find remaining hot spots which they will then dampening down to ensure they are completely cooled and extinguished.

A full investigation will be carried out to find the cause of the fire, however at this stage the fire service believe the fire started accidentally.

All photos courtesy of Essex County Fire and Rescue Service.

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