Saturday, 19 August 2017

SAA Harare Flights Cancelled

Tensions are mounting rapidly between the African nations of Zimbabwe and South Africa diplomatically after Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s wife, Grace claimed diplomatic immunity last week.  Mrs Mugabe was charged with assault  following a disturbance at a hotel where she is said to have attacked and assaulted a girl that she found in her son's hotel room in a suburb of Johannesburg.

On Friday, the state-owned Airports Co. of South Africa canceled an evening Air Zimbabwe flight to Harare after authorities asked for the airline’s foreign operators permit.  Now the government of Zimbabwe is responding in a similar way with all eight of the  scheduled South African Airways flights between Harare and Johannesburg being cancelled on Saturday. ere canceled on Saturday

SAA had one of its aircraft grounded at Harare last night and the airline has instigated a recovery plan to help alleviate the situation for stranded passengers. However the situation is rather volatile for the airline and is an unwanted extra expense at a time when it can least afford it.  The airline has been in financial trouble for sometime and has recently asked the South African government for another loan to keep it in the air.

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