Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Ryanair Booze Hypocrisy

Budget low cost airline Ryanair is calling on UK airports to enforce a two-drink limit after recent research revealed the number of passengers arrested for drunken behaviour has increased by around 50percent in the last year alone.

The Irish airline has already banned customers from drinking duty-free alcohol on flights, and barred passengers flying from Glasgow Prestwick and Manchester to Alicante and Ibiza from taking alcohol on board. 

Now the carrier is seeking help from airports to ban the sale of alcohol before 10am and to limit the number of drinks per boarding pass / passenger to a maximum of two.    "This is an issue which the airports must now address, and we are calling for significant changes to prohibit the sale of alcohol at airports, particularly with early morning flights and when flights are delayed," said Ryanair's Kenny Jacobs.

However Ryanair won't stop the sale of alcohol on its flights, even those travelling in the early morning, but their hypocrisy doesn't stop there. Cabin Crew for the airline at many of its bases are actually targeting on how much booze they need to flog during each flight -

regardless of how drunk the passengers already are.  The crew receive daily targets and if they fail to meet them, even on a single flight in a week, they are threatened with dismissal. These minimum booze sales targets came to light when staff at one of the airlines London bases leaked an internal memo with todays targets to the media. They did it to highlight the hypocrisy of the airline after that called for airports to do more.

We asked Ryanair for a comment, however they refused our request. 

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