Friday, 18 August 2017

Ryanair Attacks Passengers Over Cabin Baggage

The budget carrier Ryanair has again attacked its passengers, this time it is over the size of their carry on bags! 

The Irish airline complained today that too many of its customers were attempting to sneak larger bags on board than the supposed budget airline allowed. They say this is what is causing flight delays and aggravation at the boarding gate.   

Today the Ryanair demand passengers comply with its cabin bag rules, which it claims are "repeatedly flouted", warning if it continued they would review the policy. Many in the travel industry believe this is just the next step of introducing a charge for the carriage of cabin bags. 

At the moment Ryanair passengers can take a single 10kg cabin bag, that's 55cm x 40 cm x 20cm in size, plus an additional item such as shopping carrier bag or handbag.  Anything else, or bigger than the sizes above would have to be placed in the hold – at the passengers expense. The dimensions for bags allowed in the cabin with Ryanair is smaller than British Airways, Monarch,  Thomson, Jet2, Norwegian and most other airlines, with the exception of Easyjet - which is slightly smaller. 

 Chief marketing officer for Ryanair Kenny Jacobs bemoaned “Despite our repeated messaging, some customers are still attempting to bring larger than permitted bags onboard, which are causing delays at the boarding gate.  As advised, customers are permitted to bring a normal cabin bag and a smaller bag onboard.  However, many customers are repeatedly exceeding our cabin baggage allowance and we will be left with no choice but to review our policy should this practice continue.”

Many passengers believe the metal cages used at some airport departure gates and check in's to assess the size of cabin bags are smaller than the dimensions Ryanair stipulate and are being wrongly charged for checking a bag into the hold. Ryanair has refused requests for such frames to be independently measured and accessed.   

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