Saturday, 12 August 2017

Panic over the Pacific

There was panic over the Pacific on Friday night when a Hawaiian Airlines flight had to make an emergency landing at Hilo.

Over 250 passengers were deplaned Friday night in Hilo after their Hawaiian Airlines flight had to make an emergency landing.

Flight 64 departed from Lihue just after 3.30pm Friday afternoon with over 250 passengers and crew onboard, the flight to Los Angeles was scheduled to be about 5

A mechanical issue in the cockpit of the Boeing 767 caused smoke cockpit some two hours into their flight and the crew decided to take necessary precautions and return to the islands. The local fire services had been called and were at Hilo International Airport to meet the aircraft upon its arrival at 8.30pm Friday night.

No cause for the smoke has yet been released and an investigation is ongoing, there were no reports of any injuries

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