Monday, 21 August 2017

Panic as passenger tried to open door mid-flight

Drama on an American Airlines bound for Minneapolis on Saturday when a passenger tried to open an exit mid-flight.

There was panic and pandemonium for a when a passenger tried to open one of the emergency exits while the aircraft was on a flight from Los Angeles to Minneapolis.    "There was a lot of yelling and screaming," passenger Richard Munassi told media after the flight landed safely in Minneapolis and the wayward passenger removed in handcuffs by the local police.  

"I thought perhaps two of the passengers had gotten into maybe a fist fight." Richard said, adding that the man tried to open the door "immediately after the pilot let passengers know that the plane was in descent. It was a couple of minutes afterward, so he had a plan to open that door as we were getting close to the ground," 

Another passenger, Salman Elmi, described the incident as a "crazy experience" 

Passengers tackled the man as he reached for the door handle and restrained him in his seat as the pilot made a rapid descent and  emergency landing at St. Paul Airport in Minneapolis. 

"The flight's pilot kept everyone calm, both passengers said. Once the suspect was restrained in his seat, the pilot quickly landed the plane....We came in hot, probably the hottest landing I've ever been on and I fly all the time," Munassi said. "Everyone was dead quiet on the flight. You could cut the tension with a knife."

The man who is wearing a dark hooded jumper and sunglasses, was escorted off the aircraft by law enforcement officers. A spokesperson for Minneapolis St Paul airport said the case had been handed over to the FBI as the incident occurred in the air. The FBI have declined to comment on the investigation so far.

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