Sunday, 20 August 2017

Out of date EasyJet Food

Airline food has a reputation for sometimes being below par, sub standard and rather bland, but never past its best before date - until now!

We've never come across a story like this before, but it is has been giving a chuckle to the team in the office this week.  

A cheese toastie that's 10 years out of date

A shocked easyJet passenger was served a sandwich labelled ten years out of date.
Adrian Bell, from Wrexham in Wales, bought a cheese toastie on a flight from Zante with his wife Lindsey, 42.
When the snack arrived the 59-year-old was stunned to see the date read June 16, 2007.
He complained to staff and warned other passengers before eating the snack anyway and declaring 'it was still really tasty, just a little overcooked'. The story starts in the Daily Mail. 
 Adrian apparently complained to the cabin crew they rather quick-wittedly retorted "We should charge you extra for selling you an antique"  Funny yes, but jokes like that could have serious consequences if the sandwich had been indeed 10 years out of date and dozens of the planes passengers came down with food poisoning. 

Mr Bell had repeatedly contacted Easyjet customer (no)service but hadn't gotten anywhere, until he told the media about the sandwich.  Suddenly, the airline fond of orange, came back with the lines that the sandwich was still in date and the muddle was because of an incorrectly printed label. 'We have looked into this with our in-flight partner and they have confirmed that this sandwich was in date.' said a spokesperson, before blaming the passenger, “This was obviously a manual printing error and we are surprised that anyone would think it was anything else.”

We wondered how many other people would automatically think it was a printing error, so we asked around.

"I wouldn't trust a think EasyJet say"  Norman, London.

"I would have been dead worried had it been me, food passed its best like that is really dangerous."  Emma, Carshalton.

"I wouldn't have immediately thought printing error myself, after all labels on food are usually more trustworthy than a low cost airline charging a fortune for a snack." Robert, Stains. 

"I can see why you might think it's a printing error, but I wouldn't have taken the chance, although the price you pay for food on their flights, I can understand why the bloke who bought it did!" Kelly, Windsor.

Ryanair didn't miss a trick when the story broke, tweeting about it, with a picture of the label and saying, "Even their sandwiches are late  #ShouldHaveFlownRyanair......"

Of course, EasyJet could have avoided all the negative publicity had their customer services actually done something almost unheard for the airline, actually serviced the customer complaint seriously in the first place. Mr Bell seems like a reasonable chap and I'm sure he'd have been quite happy with an apology and an explanation, but to ignore him in the way they did and to belittle his concerns both on and off the aircraft, show a distinct lack of professional courtesy, empathy or even care. It leaves a bad taste in the mouth, far more than the cheese toastie did!      

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