Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Loganair's New Look

The Scottish airline Loganair has unveieled its new tartan livery and announced an increase in passenger numbers on some key routes.

There was a 17 per cent rise in passenger travel between Sumburgh in the Shetland Islands and the Scottish mainland in July compared to June, with nearly 20,000 people using the route.

An even bigger increase was seen on the Sumburgh and Glasgow route, up 25 per cent, while there was a 14 per cent growth in flights connecting Aberdeen to Shetland.

Loganair has terminated its Flybe Franchise and that deal comes to an end next month and to make the move, LoganAir has shown off its new paint job! 

A Saab 340B, named Spirit of Caithness has become the first of its fleet to undergo a makeover ahead of the airline flying under its own name. 

15 further aircraft of the Loganair fleet will see their existing Flybe branding replaced with the new 'traditionally' Scottish livery in the coming weeks.  And, it's not just the aircraft that are getting a new look, staff will also wear Scottish-themed uniform on the routes with ties and skirts featuring the red tartan. Just in case you were wondering, the 'Loganair red tartan’ is number 11,744 on the official Scottish Register of Tartans.

Managing director Jonathan Hinkles said he was “delighted” with the new look, “The team have worked incredibly hard to make this happen and the results – whether it be our aircraft livery or uniforms – will make a tremendous impression for our customers but also around over 30 airports in the UK and Europe.”

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