Tuesday, 8 August 2017

JetBlue going Gladly

American budget carrier JetBlue and tech firm Gladly have announced their new partnership which could fundamentally enhance the way airlines deal with customers.  

"We are an enterprise software and services company and our mission is to reimagine and reinvent how customer service can be delivered by creating a platform that puts the customer back at the center of the process," Gladly CEO Joseph Ansanelli told Business Insider site.  

JetBlue will in future use Gladly's impressive customer service information platform,  "We are fortunate enough to be working so closely with Gladly that we are co-creating this together," JetBlue vice president of customer support Frankie Littleford told the site. "In fact, not only are we implementing this technology, we are investing in the company through our venture capital arm, JetBlue Technology Ventures." 

Yes JetBlue are investing between $2 and $3 million dollars in the tech platform which will enable JetBlue staff to see instantly interactions the company have had with a customer. The idea is to provide enough customer information to the airline staff that they have a good all round knowledge of the customer, their previous needs and desires in order to serve them better and with an added touch of personal insight. "We really look at ourselves as a customer service company that happens to fly airplanes and I think all along, even back to April of 1999 when we created our mission to bring humanity back to air travel, we looked at the industry and thought we really have to raise the bar," Littleford said.  "I think that everybody wants to be treated great and having our journeys be a little less stressful and more personal, helpful, and simple is what it's all about."

JetBlue will start integrating Gladly at their telephone contact centres from the autumn of this year. 

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