Saturday, 12 August 2017

Jet Airways to end First Class service?

Jet Airways was one of the first airlines to introduce a first class suite on some of its aircraft, but a decade on things have changed. A downturn in popularity has seen the airline to consider a complete cabin reconfiguration without first class on its 777-300ER aircraft.

According to local media, Jet Airways may completely remove the eight first-class seats it has on its 10 Boeing 777 aircraft. Instead it may add more economy and business class seats to the twin engined jet hoping to boost revenues.

Currently the aircraft can carry 346 passengers slit over a three-class configuration - eight in first class, 30 business class seats and room for 308 economy class seats. “The idea is to make the aircraft more dense but there is no decision yet on how many seats to add and whether those should be in economy or business,” an airline insider told local media, although there has no official word from the airline. “As a policy, Jet Airways does not comment on speculation or on matters internal to its business,” an airline spokesperson commented.

Demand for the first class product is drifting lower on most routes, with the exception of London, which continues to see health loads and increased profits. Therefore it is quite possible for Jet to keep the first class cabin on at least two of the 777 aircraft, in order to continue offering the product on such a lucrative route. 

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