Friday, 18 August 2017

Jamie Oliver Visits Gatwick Airport to Unveil The Diner

Jamie Oliver has visited Gatwick Airport again, this time to unveil his new flagship restaurant, which is called The Diner and aims to be a wonderfully vibrant  a homage to great American comfort food!

The Diner is home to three distinct areas, a diner restaurant section serving food in a rustic way, on big trays or in baskets, making it perfect for sharing, an art-deco inspired bar that really looks great and is bound to be popular plus also a ‘grab and go’ deli.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Some of the grub on offer at this new restaurants, one of the largest at Gatwick at 627 m2, with room for 278 diners, include a Super Food Breakfast - Poached free-range eggs, baby spinach, super grains and pulses, smashed avocado, toasted super nuts and seeds.  Another item on the menu that we rather like the sound of is the delightful Naughty Chocolate Pancakes which are Chocolate chunk pancakes, caramelised banana and honey-toasted pecans.

For passengers wanting to take food away with them they will be able to pick up a super food wrap, super food salad or Jamie Oliver inspired burrito - selecting from a choice of pulled, smoked meats, slow-cooked beans, wholegrain rice or quinoa, avocado, low fat yoghurt or Jamie Oliver’s secret chilli sauce.                                                                                                                                                   
What did Jamie say?
Jamie Oliver said, “I’m chuffed to be opening a new diner at Gatwick Airport South Terminal. Airports can be pretty crazy places so we’re creating the perfect space to chill out with some good food, and maybe a drink or two, before you start your holiday. Everyone is welcome, no matter how long you stay.

“We’re totally upping the game in airport food. It’s all about the diner food you love, made with incredible, sustainable produce. There’s plenty of delicious healthy dishes, as well as some naughty ones that I’ve tried my best to keep in check, but each one is guaranteed to taste delicious!”

Gatwick Airport’s Head of Retail Rachel Bulford was equally happy, “We are excited to be continuing the long-established relationship between Jamie Oliver and Gatwick Airport; Jamie opened his first ever airport restaurant here at Gatwick in 2012 which is still the only UK airport branch. 

“We are delighted that Gatwick is again working with Jamie to be the first to launch the brand new flagship concept; The Diner.”

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