Monday, 28 August 2017

Increased Seat Selection Charges For Emirates

Emirates continues its pathway towards a low-cost airline model with an increases in the amount of money they charge for pre-selecting seats on their flights.

For a ‘preferred seat’ one closer to the front of the plane allowing the passenger to disembark more quickly the cost is $25-$80.

The airline even charges for a ‘twin seat’ selection, these are  seats in a row of two rather than three seats like at the back of the Boeing 777  or at the front on the upper deck of the A380, these seats costs between $35-$110 depending n the flight sector being flown. 

The emergency exit rows or ‘Extra legroom’ seats will also be for sale up to six hours before departure and are priced at between $55-$135.

All economy passengers buying one of those lower 'special' or 'saver' fares will be forced to pay for all advanced seat selection options, regardless of where they sit.   If a passengers buy a 'flex' or 'flex plus' fare they can select middle seats freely, yet have to pay for 'extra value' seats 

Those with business or first class tickets will continue to have a free seat selection, as will group bookings of 10 or more passengers - however group sales have been instructed to add on an addition amount to group fares to offset lost seat revenue. 

 Frequent flyers will also be charged for some seats, however which seats and the fees chargeable depend upon the level of membership achieved.  

Also bad news if you're booking a flight that changes aircraft and might require you to leave the airport - or wish to do so because of a long layover, you'll have to pay for each sector - so at least double the amount. 

Emirates, like many airlines in the region, are facing tough times with increased competition and lower yields which has had an adverse effect on profits over the last year.  

Industry insiders in Dubai indicate that the airline has been discussing introducing fees, starting between $50 and $130 depending on sector length for each item of hold luggage carried. It is believed that the implementation of these fees could take effect as early as April next year. 

The airline will continue to offer free meals and beverages on its flights, however as the Dubai insider indicates, nothing we thought was guaranteed before is safe in the future and Emirates, could indeed start charging for food on some sectors. 

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